Out with the old and in with the Spring!

Spring has sprung and our menu has blossomed!

A cornucopia of new ingredients from lamb to langoustines and basil to broad beans is seeing our chefs work their creative magic to bring you exciting new Italian taste experiences you will want to tell all your friends about.

Take a look here at some of the seasonal ingredients raising their heads in our dishes.



Nothing says Spring like tender spring lamb. We source ours from Dorset where it is grass-fed on West End Farm.

But English lamb doesn’t have to be served in only a traditionally English way.

Delight your tastebuds with our Tandoor Lamb Cutlets with rice and spiced tomato sauce at one of our Restaurant Bar & Grills.



These succulent white shellfish have long been underrated in England, with the majority being exported to France and Spain.

We think this is a crime and are convinced you will be swayed by their delicious meaty sweetness!

Ours come from the Piper family in Aberdeenshire. Try them in our Crostacei Da Dividere sharing dish at Piccolino or in our Linguine with Seafood at Gino D’Acampo My Restaurant.



Whether used in a pesto, as an ingredient in a pasta dish or simply as a garnish, this fresh king of herbs smells and tastes delicious, not to mention being great for your health.

Try Gino’s traditional basil pesto, made with basil from Yana Farm in Israel and used in several dishes on our new season menu including our Lasagne and our Bucatini with King Prawns.



These sweet and delicious beans with their smooth, creamy texture are the perfect pulse for springtime.

We source ours from Ross Brand in Kings Lynn. Try them in our side dish with thyme, white wine, red onion and pancetta.

Our spring menu is available now