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4 April, 2016
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It’s time to get excitedOur new spring menu is now available at Gino D’Acampo, My Restaurant.

Welcoming a huge collection of exciting seasonal treats, Gino’s new spring menu includes a variety of fresh and tasty Italian favourites from both his books and TV programmes.

What are you waiting for? Get stuck in and enjoy the first taste of spring with us!

Here’s a taste of what’s new…


In my family we always start with antipasti & bruschetta. I absolutely love this part of the meal; the sharing of good food with friends & family creates such a relaxed atmosphere.”

MINESTRONE SOUP (chunky vegetable soup with toasted ciabatta) – Every Italian restaurant should know how to make a great minestrone soup and this is the way I cook it. My children absolutely love this soup, simple fresh & very colourful.

STEAMED MUSSELS (tomato chilli, white wine & garlic) – Mussels are so delicious and quick to cook. Great with a bottle of chilled Sicilian white wine and some warm crusty bread.

mussels gino


“As well as loving all kinds of meat, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy fish at least once a week. As you know, I’m from the south of Italy, where is seafood is so fresh and abundant that many people eat it daily.”

crispy chicken

CRISPY CHICKEN BREAST (stuffed with mozzarella & basil pesto) – Pesto originated in Genoa and is a firm favourite as a pasta sauce choice, but why stop there? Here pesto makes stuffed breaded chicken extra special; done like this, it really doesn’t get any better.

SLOW COOKED PORK RIBS (tomato sauce & cannellini beans) – In this recipe the ribs are simmered slowly in a tomato sauce and the result is a beautifully tender meat that falls off the bone. The beans have a lovely creamy texture and make the dish that much more wholesome and substantial.

tuna gino

CHARGRILLED LINE CAUGHT TUNA STEAK (lentil, tomato & caper salsa) – Fish is incredibly good for you and tuna is a really top superfood. A meaty tuna steak is a great source of lean protein and packed with nutritious vitamins B12 and D, calcium and iron. The flavour is great and in my opinion tuna shouldn’t be smothered with thick sauce, which is why I love this recipe: it’s light, full of flavour and the fish takes centre stage.

8OZ ABERDEEN ANGUS SIRLOIN STEAK (flamed with brandy & green peppercorns) – Whenever I need to be forgiven by my wife, I know that there are only two things that can save me – an expensive present or a great steak with flamed brandy, she absolutely adores it.


MARINATED SEAFOOD SKEWERS (line caught tuna, Isle of Man scallops & king prawns) – This recipe was created by my mother and I remember she always used to prepare these marinated seafood skewers for the family.


I’m sure my mother must have weaned us on pizza – I don’t ever remember life without it!”

capricciosa gino

CAPRICCIOSA (ham, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms & black olives) – Capricciosa means ‘the naughty one,’ and this pizza is so called because it was created to please everybody. Perfect for a starter, great in a packed lunch, delicious if you are watching a movie… I’ve even been known to eat it cold for breakfast after a heavy night. Yum yum!

TONNO (tuna, tomato, olives & bottarga) – I adore the combination of olives and tuna on a pizza, and the addition of b0ttarga makes it extra special.


“When making salads we always use the freshest possible ingredients.”

buffalo salad

THE ULTIMATE TOMATO & BUFFALO RICOTTA SALAD (Tuscan bread, peppers & artichokes) – Panzanella is a Tuscan salad of bread and tomatoes that is very popular throughout Italy. Great with a glass of Italian red wine.

SPINACH PANCETTA, WATERCRESS & PEAR (mustard and sesame dressing) – Once again I find myself in a very lucky position, because I can use the best of Italy and the best of Britain to create something unique. The combination of spinach, pancetta and pear is just exceptional!

spinach salad


“I can talk about pasta all day long. It’s definitely the one thing I’d be happy to eat every day for the rest of my life. There are so many different pasta shapes and of course, sauces to accompany them. How could anyone ever tire of a perfect plate of pasta?”


MEZZELUNE WITH PROSCIUTTO (sun dried tomatoes & spicy Calabrian sausage) – In the D’Acampo family we adore making fresh filled pasta and this recipe is one of our top ten must have meals.

LINGUINE WITH FRESH CRAB (Isle of Man crab, fresh chilli & lemon zest) – This is a great pasta dish that I learned in the own of Amalfi approximately twenty years ago, when I had just started catering college. The secret is simple: all the ingredients must be fresh and the pasta has to be al dente.

linguine gino


“I find that carefully chosen side dishes really enhance the meal & can be every bit as good as the dish taking centre stage.”

asparagus gino

GARLIC NEW POTATOES (Parmesan crust) – I sometimes find that plain new potatoes can be a bit dull, but this recipe with garlic & Parmesan topping takes them to a higher level. Good to accompany any meat or vegetarian main course.

PEPERONATA (roasted peppers, caramelised onions & pine nuts) – Peperonata is a typical dish in Sicily. The variations of peperonata recipes are endless, but this is my favourite.

FENNEL & ASPARAGUS SALAD (pecorino cheese & thyme) – This is a wonderfully simple and elegant salad for spring, with the crisp raw fennel and fresh seasonal asparagus providing an exciting contrast of textures and flavours.

salad gino


“My family love desserts so I have chosen some of our current & long standing favourites… enjoy!”

creme brulee gino

CREMA CATALANA (Catalan style creme brulee) – Custard puddings are very popular in Spain. As Sardinia was under Spanish rule for about 400 years and with the Islands proximity to the Catalan coast it is not surprising that the Sardinians have taken them to their hearts too. Crema Catalana is perfect for when you want an impressive yet light dessert after a large meal.

FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE (coffee cream) – This chocolate cake has a dense, moist, fudgy texture, an intensely chocolatey flavour & of course, it is also gluten free.

mezzelune flourless cake


“I know I am biased, but for me, Italian ice-cream is the best in the world. Here at My Restaurant, we make all our own ice-creams to my special recipes.”

Don’t forget to try our new PISTACHIO & MARASCHINO CHERRY creation. It’s delicious!

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