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23 September, 2014
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Piccolino Heddon Street is our hot property of the month, following a glam new-season makeover of their lower ground Cicchetti Bar by Piccolino.

Opened to guests this month, Cicchetti (pronounced chi-KET-tee) is treating guests to new music, new wines, new cocktails and a range of Venetian-style tapas, perfect for a tasty nibble or a varied tasting experience


Choose from a variety of modern and classic Italian dishes, including crostini, stuzzichini, Italian cured meats & cheeses to dishes from our charcoal and wood stone ovens.

We suggest 4-6 plates between two people. Here’s a few of our favourites…

Bistecca tartarra

Our hand chopped beef fillet is topped with a raw quail egg yolk,a twist of black pepper and 6 crostini’s.

Provenance- Our 28 day aged British beef fillets are sourced from Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and limousin cattle.



Steamed mussels are nestled in a cream, shallot, garlic & parsley sauce and accompanied with fresh bread.

Provenance- We source our rope grown mussels from Scotland.


Prosciutto, pere e pecorino

Torn Parma ham is tossed with ripe pear batons, pecorino shavings, red and white chicory, pea shoots, toasted pine nuts and honey dressing.

Provenance- Proscuitto is sourced from Parma, Emilia Romagna and we source our Pecorino from, Nurri, Sardinia   

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