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Individual Restaurants
Ridgefield House, 4th Floor,
14 John Dalton Street,
Manchester, M2 6JR
Head Office Telephone:  0161 507 4457

Booking Enquiries

To make a reservation please use the ‘book a table‘ form. If you have a booking enquiry please contact the restaurant directly. Contact details for each individual restaurant can be found by clicking ‘our restaurants,’ and selecting the restaurant you wish to speak to.


If you have any feedback please contact us here

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Charity Requests

Here at Individual Restaurants we made the decision a couple of years ago to work with two main charities, with a view to consolidating our fundraising efforts resulting in a  maximum impact to our community. We therefore are unable to support individual charity requests at this time.
We wish you every success with your fundraising efforts.

Gift Cards

Our new Individual Restaurant gift cards are now available from all restaurants from £25 in denominations of £25 up to £500.
Simply pop into any of our restaurants to buy. The Gift card can be used in any on of our amazing collection of restaurants and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement